Nespress Yourself at GenerationArt

When deciding on a brand of espresso to serve at GenerationArt, my community art organization, I knew that we would offer Nespresso products. I chose Nespresso because the company supports recycling, and this is a priority of mine as an individual, an Anishinaabe Ikwe (Indigenous woman), and a responsible businesswoman. Nespresso developed a recyclable individual coffee pod. They send a storage bag for used pods that you ship to their company for recycling and replace each bag. Recycling was a plus for Nespresso. However, I believe the quality of their espresso beans is unbeatable. They offer rich, fragrant, and sophisticated blends with varying intensity to cater to every type of coffee enthusiasts!

Our community deserves the most excellent products that this world has to offer. Each coffee creation, named after an artist that inspires creative individuality, may add a piece of adventure to your day.

I'm so pleased to provide a space where we can Nespress Ourselves in such a good way!

GenerationArt, located in the Belcourt, ND mall. Coffee Corner Hours Tuesday-Friday 8 am- 1 pm.

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